Sale of 2 Real Estate Assets in Ljubljana


HETA Asset Resolution d.o.o. (“HETA” or the “Seller”) is part of HETA Group, a wind-down corporation ultimately owned by the Republic of Austria. The statutory task of the Seller is gradual divestment of its assets under management, which comprise compelling investment opportunities and development projects, well-diversified across industries, locations, and business situations across Slovenia.

HETA is presenting an attractive opportunity to acquire 2 Real Estate assets located in Ljubljana city centre at Dalmatinova ulica 2 (further the Transaction").

The Transaction encompasses:
    i)     Commercial premises with a total net leasable area of 1,628 m², long-term rented to tenants from public sector and health services;
   ii)    Department store with total net area 10,676 m², offering redevelopment opportunity with potential for high-end commercial, hotel or residential project.

More information on the properties subject to transaction will be available in the marketing documentation of the sales process.

The sales process envisages individual sales of the subject’s real estate assets; however, the Seller is prepared to consider asset bundle offers. The Sales Process shall be conducted in an open, transparent and non-discriminatory procedure.


Submission of the Expression of Interest (“EOI”)

Interested Parties are required to submit their written EOI in English or Slovenian and include (at least) the following:
   a)       Name, address and short description of the Interested Party (or of each consortium member in case of a consortium), including its ultimate beneficial owner and contact details of the person(s) to be contacted in case of queries;
   b)       Confirmation that the Interested Party is acting as principal for its own account or, in case of agents or brokers submitting an EOI on behalf of an Interested Party, submission of written and adequate proof of the power of representation of such agent or broker.

Written EOIs, addressed “Project Dalmatin EOI”, shall be submitted electronically to the following e-mail addresses:

Mr. Enver Mustedanagić                                                                               Project Dalmatin
Transaction Manager                                                                              
T: +386 (0)1 580 46 47                                                                                      

Deadline for the submission of EOI is 16 April 2019 by 16.00 (CET).

After receipt and evaluation of the EOIs the interested parties may be invited to take part in the Sales Process and receive further information regarding the Transaction. To receive the documentation access, the interested party must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and provide adequate proof of possessing sufficient funds to execute the intended purchase. HETA may set additional conditions with regard to granting access.

HETA reserves the right to extend the above stated deadline for the submission of EOI, amend the time limits or other terms of the Transaction, discontinue or amend the Transaction as a whole or in part, or modify the Transaction structure or change the Portfolio at any time. No Interested Party will have any claim for any damages or compensation for loss, costs and other expenditure incurred by it in connection with the Sales Process for any reasons and under any circumstances whatsoever, even if the Sale Process is terminated, modified or suspended by HETA.