1. What we offer you

AAAPlatform offers a holistic approach in servicing our customers’ needs , looking for movables (Vehicles, Heavy vehicles, Vessels, Machinery and Equipment), Claims for sale and Real Estate (commercial and residential) in Alpe Adria region. Our customers can follow HETA`s announcement of Court Auctions and Public Tenders. In AAAHit category you can express an interest over an asset for sale directly on line. Those assets sold by AAAHit category are marked with a special hammer image flag.

You can reach us anytime on: aaap@heta-asset-resolution.com

2. Browse our database and select favorite items of your interest!

To find the right offer for you, use first filter by categories; Vehicles, Machinery & Vessels, Real Estates, Claims for sale, Court Auctions or Public Tenders. Predefine the country you are interested in as well. Based on the category selection a new range of detailed filters are available for your further search.

Asset categories


3. Contact us!

You can contact sales representative dedicated to each asset by phone or mail.

Advanced users who registered have more options and can submit already an inquiry (Contact request, Request inspection, Request call- back, and Custom message).

Our team is at your full disposal.

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5. Use Google maps 

All assets are linked to Google maps to clearly present the location of the asset and the link bellow the Google maps offers additional information that a customer can benefit from (railway station, bus station, shop, kindergarten, ... ) .

6. Get in contact with our partners  

On the Main Page you can find the list of our Business partners.