AAAHit category is an online marketplace where you can declare your interest in assets ready to be sold. You will find assets available for AAAHit flagged with a different color, making them recognizable and easily found on the AAAPlatform. In within the detailed description of the assets you will find all relevant information and learn about the asset designated to be sold via the AAAHit service. Read the detailed description, check available pictures and contact our dedicated professionals who will gladly support you with further inputs needed to make an informative decision. Click “Hit” to place your offer and follow the AAAHit process – be persistent and take your chances before the closing time!

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Your benefits are:

  • Process Transparency
  • Offering only the value you are willing to pay
  • Interactivity
  • Monitoring interest
  • Ability to submit more than one offer

Collecting offers starts here and finishes with the direct contact with our local sales team after closing time. Read our Conditions of Use.

How does it work!

Please take a look at our video presentation and to learn how the whole process works step by step

All assets available in AAAHit category are specially marked

  • Click on the asset of your interest for more details available: detailed description, photo album, contact person, asset location and technical details.
  • Register to qualify for the AAAHit participation.
  • Click on the “Hit” button and place your offer.

Note different statuses of the process!

Yellow light – Coming Soon status:asset will start to collect offers in pre-defined time.

Green light: - Collecting offers:Register and express your interest over a selected asset. Follow the process on line till closing time whereby you will be informed by daily summary e-mail. You can place your offer more than once.

Grey light: - Sale pending:If your offer is amongst the top three, you will be contacted after closing date.

Red light – Sold:Asset is sold and is no longer available for sale.

Would you like to participate in AAAHit?

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Read Conditions of Use.